I’m “That artist who makes gold photos!”

This is an example of gold foil on transparency.
“I Dream in Gold.” For this image, I printed a photo of me. I covered half the face with iridescent watercolor. I sprinkled Malton salt on the wet paint and photographed it as it dried and left marks. Then I re-photographed it, printed it on a transparency and gilded it.

Welcome to my new website! I’m Sandy Brown Jensen; you know, “That artist who makes gold photos.”
Yes, I’m the one.
I Dream in Gold.

Why gold?

Yellow was my favorite color as a little girl, and that shaded easily into red, orange, and most especially, gold.

I remember being under the weeping willow trees when I was that young girl and loving the way the gold light filtered through the branches creating a secret place.

The w hills would flush yellow with balsamroot sunflowers in the spring and fields from a distance would become landscape panes of yellow mustard.

Big Leaf Maple in the fall with colorful leaves.
In the fall, the Big Leaf Maples, the Oregon Oaks and the Vine Maple all turn this urban park into a sunset.

In the fall, the oaks would turn gold and drop masses of leaves in the river. Underfoot, the sun would bake the long grasses of the meadows to gold until they swooned over the ridges in riotous blonde drifts.

Love Everlasting

My wedding band is gold because gold is considered the most precious of the metals and means, of course, love everlasting.

Golden fall grasses demonstrate the theme of fold.
“Mt. Pisgah: Nothing Gold Can Stay”
I am thrilled that this gilded photo of the golden grasses of Mt. Pisgah, just sold for $325 at the juried show at Maude Kerns Art Center called “Be Here Now.”

Once I learned how to work gold in ways that made photographs into one-of-a-kind art pieces, I knew I had come back home to my secret place under the willows. Here, I can make beautiful things for the people I love and who connect with me.

Doing gilded photography is a return to that willow room: here all the unspoken promises of childhood can now be made into real objects, each one infused with its own inner glow.

Our Soul of Gold

To me, each piece is like you or me: it is on fire with an inner beauty, which today I might call our soul of gold.

This is a place where I hope you see something you love.

I dream in gold–do you?

Sandy Brown Jensen demonstrates a gilded photo.
This is me showing off “Mt. Pisgah: The Last of the Light,” which I love so much. It is still for sale for $325.

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